Thanks for all your support! Chow is officially closed permanently.
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Sweet Chow Bicycle Delivery Map


The time has finally come for you to sit on your couch, pull up Chow on your phone (or computer), and order delicious takeout that will show up at your door, piping hot within an easy half hour. So sit back, relax, and Chow.

Order Bike Delivery Now!

You may be wondering, just how does this two wheeled trickery work? We’ve put together a quick FAQ to help you wrap your brain around the beauty that is bicycle delivery.


How do I order?

Order delivery here: (you should probably just bookmark it 😁)
or click the big green ‘Order Now’ button at the top of this page (desktop) or in the collapsed menu (mobile)

Once you’re in, make sure your Order Type is set to ‘Delivery’ in checkout, and you’re good to go! A strapping messenger on a bicycle will be at your door shortly.

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere inside the area outlined in black:

If you can’t see the map above, click here to view it in a separate window.

What do you deliver, and when?

Everything (except alcohol) is available for delivery, and you can order any time that the restaurant is open.

Now, for parting words, how should we say this…we’re looking forward to not seeing you?
How about: We’re looking forward to feeding you from afar, and hopefully seeing you someday in the restaurant!

Order Food by Bicycle

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